• The Story of Pine Bluff Self-Storage
Pine Bluff Self-Storage is owned and operated by Salisbury Bible Fellowship (SBF). Locating church facilities is an extremely difficult task for most churches in today's economy. Salisbury Bible Fellowship met for seven years at Parkside High School. When they began to look for a permanent facility that could house their growing church, they discovered that the former Layton's/Net's Indoor Soccer facility was the perfect location. To fulfill their dream, the church came up with an innovative plan to use a third of the building to open a self-storage business. The sole purpose was to help pay the mortgage for the property, so the church could renovate the rest of the building to house their ministries.

Partnering with a local bank, they could purchase the property and use volunteer labor from within their congregation to build much of the facility themselves. The result is Pine Bluff Self-Storage, a first-class, indoor, climate-controlled self-storage facility. We opened in May 2007. This business was built and is operated by people just like you. Our goal is to provide each customer with the friendliest and best service possible. Please let us know how we can serve you.

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Memberships:Pine Bluff Self-Storage are proud members of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce and Self Storage Association


• Who Is Salisbury Bible Fellowship?

We’re just ordinary people with a dream to be a Christ-centered community where everyone can feel they belong, find shelter from the storms of life, and be loved and accepted. Where each person can grow strong in their love for God and one another, and take that next step on their spiritual journey. We want to be a church that makes a difference in people’s lives, calling them to a deep, genuine relationship with God and helping one another grow as we follow Him.

Church is not a building. And the programs and traditions in some churches-- maybe those you have experienced in the past-- are just that: programs and traditions.

Church is people. And people matter to God. People matter at Salisbury Bible Fellowship, too.


Salisbury Bible Fellowship Offers...

Where kids bring there parents to learn about God!!!

Where children Kindergarten through 5th Grade learn...

  • I need to make the Wise choice!
  • I can Trust God no matter what!
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated!

'Waumba" is the Swahilian word for "creator" and Waumba Land is where our babies and preschoolers are cared for in small groups.
Here children learn...

  • God Loves Me!
  • God Made Me!
  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever!

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